No more Sissy Music!!
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Last updated, January 16, 2001

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and millenium. I had trouble updating because of a bug on my server. Unfortunately, I couldn't get pictures pasted here because of it. Better luck next time. Anyways, I added jokes, parodies, etc. Lots of new shit, see for yourself. I'm adding a guestbook later on, and feel this need to warn ya about the N'Sync parody. As you read it, please don't portray me as some Charles Manson- worshipping-psycho-bitch. It's just for humor. Plus it's really funny. I don't wish harm to any of them, I just want them to stay away from the microphone! Am I asking for much I don't think so. As for the song, if you liked Eminem's "Kim," you're guarenteed to love this one!

This site is not for die hard 'NSUCK, Shitney Queers, Slutina Faguilera, or Sticky Fartin fans. If you think they absolutely suck, enter and enjoy. Remember one thing, I don't "hate" any of them, nor I wish any type of harm to them, though I wouldn't care if something happened to 'em. I just dislike their music and personas, understood, great. Now either STAY or GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE AND PUT "NO STRINGS ATTACHED" ON UNTIL THE END OF TIME.....

Another thing, don't send me hatemail unles you want to be made an ass her on the 'net, so I'm warning you. Anything you use against me will be used against you. You were told not to come here if you're a fan, so don't complain about it. But as usual, some thick headed bopper eventually will. Whatcha think I'll do, shut down my site because a dropped-to-the-head-at-birth idiot can't take a joke! Now make up your mind already!

Get me the fuck out of here!


1. not everyone has bad taste in music
2. none of them write their own music
3. you're too stupid to realize, but the only reason you like them is their looks.(and you''ve got bad taste in guys)
4. you'll never, repeat, NEVER will marry or have a one night stand with any of them.
Reality check; Do you airheads honestly think that someone you only see in magazines, on TV, and luckily in concert will some day drop on both knees an say 'Marry me'? Please take the required dosage next time you take your medicine.